Own production - Wörwag Pharma Operations

At the Lódz Special Economic Zone site in Poland, we are producing our own products as well as contract manufacturing pharmaceuticals since May 2021. The modern building complex is equipped with cutting-edge technology for production and development on an area of 9,500 square meters. The site is being developed into a center of excellence for oral dosage forms for the Wörwag Pharma Group.

Center of Excellence

We are investing primarily in the expansion of the global product portfolio and the development of new markets. With the acquisition of this production facility, we are securing the necessary production capacities for this on the one hand, in addition to the existing partnerships with suppliers. On the other hand, we will be able to ensure a reliable supply chain and provide our customers with continuous access to high-quality products.

Contact the production site

Wörwag Pharma Operations Sp. z o.o.
ul. Gen. M.Langiewicza 58
95-050 Konstantynów Łódzki
+48 42 654 0070
HR Department:
+48 42 654 0070
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