Our Responsibility

„Getting closer – helping better“: This corporate guiding principle is also the basis for social commitment at Wörwag Pharma. We support social projects not only financially, but also with personal dedication.

Tansania: Education for prospects

The Wörwag family and the Wörwag Pharma company support humanitarian aid projects of Herrnhuter Missionshilfe (Moravian Church) in Tanzania and Zambia.

Education projects are of particular concern: We support the construction of vocational schools to give young people in structurally weak regions the opportunity to train as tailors, carpenters, electricians, or computer specialists, so they can earn their own living.

These projects create the conditions for combating youth unemployment and provide economic and social support for small village communities, as graduates can start their own businesses with their skills and a basic set of tools.

The vocational school in Sumbawanga, district of Rukwa in the Southwest of Tansania, will open in January 2021 and will start into the first year of training with around nintey students.

In Ndola at the heart of Zambia: The first vocational training center founded by the Moravian Church opened at the end of 2019.

The vocational school in Kakozi, Southern Tanzania, opened in December 2016.
Since January 2017, students there have been receiving training giving them prospects which, at the same time, strengthens the entire region economically.

The accommodation for the young people at the vocational school of Namtumbo in the south of Tanzania, a very rural area: This school was founded in 2016 and has been developed ever since.

In 2013, this vocational training center was opened in Songea, in the southern province of Tanzania. Students have the opportunity to complete internships in commercial enterprises and craft businesses in this urban setting of the vocational school.

The girls' dormitory at the vocational school in Mbeya, Tanzania, took in its first residents in spring 2013. Around 80 female students find a protected place to stay here during their training period.

Dr. Fritz Wörwag unveils a commemorative plaque on the building.

Help for women in distress

Monika Wörwag has been supporting the Stuttgart-based association Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. ​​​​​for many years. Since then, the employees have repeatedly organized fundraising events, such as charity runs, to honor the association's work with a donation.

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